Quick Release Valve x 8 mm. Tube (backside) in White Locker with Hinged Lid

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Connect your Magma Grill to the ships main gas system!

This white box can be fitted into your boats bulkhead near the place where you want to use your Magma Grill. On the back of the box you can connect this to your boats gas system. When you want to grill you simply click the gashose of your Magma Grill's valve (A10-219CE, A10-220CE, A10-223CE or A10-224CE) in the quick release valve of the box. The correct type of Magma valve (A10-219CE-A10-224CE) can be found if you click on the accessories button of your Grill.
This conversion kit comes with a 1,5 m. gashose with brass Magma coupling x quick release coupling.